Lowry Redevelopment Park and Open Space System

Denver, CO

Park and open space planning and design for mixed-use redevelopment of former Air Force Base

Closure of the 1,900-acre Lowry Air Force Base in central Denver afforded the Cities of Denver and Aurora the opportunity to redevelop the site as a mixed-use community organized around 230 acres of parks and open space. Wenk Associates was responsible for master planning, and final design for phased buildout of the community's primary park and open space system.

The park system was conceived as a series of three parks and open spaces that offer a broad range of recreational opportunities for the new community’s residents. The system is designed around a restored and daylighted Creek corridor that also must function as an integral part of a regional and local storm water system for flood detention, conveyance, and water quality treatment. The system design is intended to honor Denver's historic Park design traditions, yet incorporate contemporary approaches to water conservation, green infrastructure, and emerging recreational patterns of use.

Westerly Creek Dam Fillets is a unique overlook and gathering place.  This dominating man-made landform is a memorable place for viewing the mountains, the Westerly Creek Dam wetlands, and the Sports Complex below. 

The Sports Complex is one of Denver’s premier sports parks serving a wide range of adult and youth sports activities.  The park is organized around “Sports Boulevard”, a spine providing a vehicular access road, parking, and pedestrian access close to each field.

The Great Lawn is a community park reminiscent of many of the City Beautiful era parks in the city.  It was designed with a hierarchy of landscape types:  50% of the park is native, non-irrigated landscape; several natural and wetland areas border the site cleaning any stormwater pollutants from the Town Center; and passive areas at the perimeter create a series of native prairie landscapes.


Lowry Redevelopment Authority




American Society of Landscape Architects Colorado Chapter, Honor Award for Design, 2012

American Society of Landscape Architects Colorado Chapter, ​​​Merit Award for Planning and Urban Design, 2005