Midtown Redevelopment

Denver, CO

Lively mixed-use redevelopment in Denver’s RiNo District

The Westfield developers have a vision to transform a 15-acre area of aging industrial warehouses into a lively, mixed-use district, that is home to an entertainment venue, hotel, office, buildings, retail, restaurants, and residences.

Wenk Associates is currently working with the developer, a multi-disciplinary team, and the City to develop streetscapes, plazas, open spaces, and landscapes for the development. New streets will be pedestrian- and bike-focused, that can accommodate daily uses, provide on-street parking, and slow down traffic, and can be closed regularly for major events and festivals. The plan is focused around a stormwater management system that utilizes the streets for infiltration and storage such that individual parcels can be phased in over time as the project develops. The plan will also create a new street intersection to expand the neighborhood grid while also connecting the development to the South Platte River, a nearby park, and the future RiNo Promenade.


Westfield Company




Works Progress Architecture