Bubbly Creek Framework Plan

South Fork Chicago River - Chicago, IL

Revitalizing an obsolete shipping canal along the Chicago River

Extensive urbanization and industrialization of the south side of Chicago in the 19th century required the filling of expansive marshes and the dredging of a series of shipping canals that were then lined with industrial development.  Bubbly Creek was one of many canals created as part of the area’s development. The decline of industry in the area, the obsolescence of shipping on the canal, and redevelopment pressures in adjacent neighborhoods prompted the City of Chicago to retain Wenk Associates, as part of a larger consultant team, to develop concepts for restoration of the Creek and redevelopment of the canal edge.  Concepts called for partial rehabilitation of the canal's original marsh habitat, integration of water quality enhancements, remediation of contaminated sediments, and recreational trails along the canal edge.


City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Development